Thursday, July 29, 2010

Down but not out!


Oof. I don't know what the deal is but I have been feeling totally beat down lately. On the plus side of things Lynn's car seems to be doing OK. We'll just have to keep it off the freeway and use it for small in-town errands and such until we can afford to get it properly fixed.

Here's a bit of news for you hangers on... I've got a little project percolating in the works. What is it? Well... You'll find out soon enough....

And lastly, can any of you more blogger savvy people out there tell me if theres a way to create a way to view the blogs I'm following akin to LiveJournal's "friends" page?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

When it rains it pours...

I really need to figure out a way to make more money. Because between being up to my eyeballs in debt and the transmission in my wife's car crapping out things are pretty tight. Anyways, let's change the topic of conversation to something more pleasant shall we?

I've scanned and upped the second half of Kiriko Nananan's Paint in Water Colour for your enjoyment.

Faerie Fae McTeaparty

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last night I was Burgin' like Candice...

Wykkyd Poultice

My bebbeh and I got ahold of some tasty chimichuri sauce and mixed it up with some ground beef, cooked it up good and topped it with some sauteed onions and havarti and served that up on toasted Hawaiian king rolls. Best burgers ever. And for dessert we enjoyed some frozen deliciousness from Bruster's which is quite frankly the best ice cream I've ever had.

But enough food talk. I've got some more Tokion manga up for you guys to see over at my Tumblr. This time we're shifting focus from gonzo comedy to pensive dramatic territory with Kiriko Nananan's story Paint in Water Colour.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Goo-goo for Ga-Ga?

Truth be told for a while there I wasn't exactly sure what the deal was with this whole Lady Gaga character. All I had was a vague notion that she was some kind of zazzy transgressive trubadour megaphoner that all the kids were hot for right now. The Same Hat! guys put together a hella rockin' zine that convinced me she's oh-so-much-more. One meager infusion of glam-pop into my brain later the end result was this...

Gagatron 9000

My sincerest apologies to Ms.Gaga, Xianxingzhe and the people of Paramus.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pardon our dust...

I'm in the middle of switching all my stuff over to a new host and working with a new laptop to get everything set up so I know what the hell I'm doing and I still need to configure my ftp so I can access my webspace and put stuff on it.

In the meantime I've been chilling out by digging through some of my old books and I found a couple of old issues of the fashion magazine Tokion I bought way back when. Now the fashion stuff I could care less about. The reason I picked these publications up is because for a while each issue had a mini-comic bound in with strips ganked right from the pages of Garo, Comic Cue, etc. So I figured I'd share these quasi-lost* gems with everyone. I'm kicking things off with a healthy dose of two-fisted awesomeness courtesy of Yusaku Hanakuma.

fake edit: Holy crap. I just poked around on for the first time in quite some while and the guy has got some crazy merch. I certainly would not mind having the Fujio and Mitsuo Iphone app...

*Lost to me anyways. I forgot I had this stuff...

Friday, July 2, 2010

They are definitely up to something...

Had kind of a weird mental synchronicity moment. Earlier I was thinking about babies. I don't like 'em. They're kinda creepy and smug looking with their giant heads and big eyes. So you can imagine how freaked out I was when I was catching up on my LJ-ing and saw how Michael Deforge had done a hella rad comic touching on that very same anxiety.

Babies. They will be the end of us all. Please stop making them.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

And lo there shall come... A RECKONING!


Oh hey there.

I'm Root. For a quite some time I was over on LiveJournal but now I'm going to try hitching my wagon up to a trolley being pulled by a caboose labelled ""... For those of you who don't know me that basically means lots of hastilly scrawled garbage from my sketchbooks, garish paintings, yapping about tasty foods and more than likely posting once every couple of months and going, "WOW IT SURE HAS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I POSTED DURRRRRR."

For those of you who already do know me it means business as usual.

Another thing is I had my birthday recently (June 25th, woo-hoo...) and I realized that I really need to refocus my creative energies into something a little more constructive so I'm treating this whole venture as a way to make a fresh start and I'm going to work in my sketchbooks every day, maybe crank out some FINISHED comics, definitely get back to work on my paintings and also continue work on my video projects which got shuffled onto the back burner.

And as if I wasn't wasting enough bandwidth I've also got a Tumblr where I'll put miscellaneous junk and stuff. But enough introductions...