Friday, July 1, 2011

It was a great party and everyone had a fun time. We played a couple of games of Ultimate Werewolf and Time's Up. And we were both totally surprised when Jhonna & Mike and their son Sean gave Lynn a copy of Key Harvest and me a copy of Pocket Civ. Awwwwww... Thanks guys. And what else did we play?

Dice Town- This had been unavailable for quite some time but it's back in print (to coincide with the new expansion of course...) A really fun and fast paced Liars' Dice-esque game that is super easy to teach.

Metropolys- Yet another game from the "I want a copy of this but I can't find it anywhere OH SHIT THERE IT IS BUY IT QUICK!" list I keep in my head. This is an action-oriented auction game with some surprisingly subtle strategic elements. Like Dice Town it's a breeze to teach and it's proven to be very popular.

Asteroyds- One of my faves. It's like Robo Rally in that you have to "program" your ship to race through space to collect glyphs and win the game. The catch is that you have 50 seconds to program your ship and you have to take into account the trajectories of those pesky 'roids who are more than happy to smash into you. Crashes and lols were had by all.

Roadzters- My collection had been lacking a dexterity game so I got a copy of this. It's like Pitchcar but instead of flicking discs around the track you play using the Z-Ball which is this interesting little marble-sized guy with weighted ball-bearings inside so it will travel a distance and then stop. I've heard with some practice you can actually put some spin on the ball and execute some pretty impressive turns.